Sunday, 18 October 2009


First House

  1. Click the items in the middle of the room to pick up a map, gun with ammo, and a key. Use the key on the door.
  2. Go through the door to enter the hallway. Shoot the enemy in here and go in to the furthest room on the left.
  3. Shoot the enemy and then collect the red hosepipe from the wall. Note down the number written on the bath, along with the Roman numeral beside it. Exit back to the hallway.
  4. Go down the stairs to your right to explore the bottom hallway. Search the coat on the hanger to find a broken key. Enter the first room on the left.
  5. Shoot the enemy in here and click the right-most box to find some string. Read the note on the sofa for a clue. Go back to the hallway.
  6. Enter furthest room on the left and defeat the enemy in here. Pick up the tube of superglue on the desk to the right, then leave the room.
  7. Go straight ahead in to the kitchen and shoot both enemies in here. Grab a ziplock plastic bag from the small drawer on the left-hand side of the counter facing you. Switch the oven's power on by flicking the switch on the wall on the right.
  8. Click the oven to get a closer look, and turn on the gas by clicking the top-left dial. Open the door and use the hosepipe to attach it to the gas pipe inside. Add the plastic bag, then place the string to seal it and capture some gas. Take the bag of gas and leave the kitchen.
  9. Go back to the upstairs hallway. Combine the broken key with the tube of superglue to fix it, then use the key on the door straight ahead. Enter the bedroom.
  10. Check the top drawer on the desk to find a lighter. Go downstairs and in to the room with the fireplace.
  11. The note on the couch suggests that a key was lost inside the chimney. To free it, place the bag of gas in the fireplace and then use the lighter to cause a small explosion. Take the key once it has fallen.
  12. Go upstairs and use the key on the left-hand door. Once inside defeat the enemy and take the large pin from the side of the mannequin. Exit and return to the bedroom straight ahead.
  13. Use the pin on the bottom drawer of the desk in front. You will now have to guide it through the lock by moving your cursor through the close-up without touching the sides. **IMPORTANT: you must avoid all the little silver spokes that stick out from the top and bottom of the lock. Weave around them, making sure the tip of the cursor's finger touches nothing.** Defeat the enemy and go back to picking the lock for a clue. Take the coat hanger from the wardrobe and note the number on the inside. As before, note the Roman numeral beside it too.
  14. Go back to the hallway and use the coat hanger on the rattling door to unlock the latch on the inside. Search the toilet for a small key.
  15. Return to the bedroom with the mannequin and click the small wooden box on the desk. The switches on this need to be the same as the pattern written on the note you found earlier (up, up, down, up, down) before using the small key on the lock. Take the ultra-violet bulb from inside.
  16. Travel to the downstairs bedroom and use the bulb in the lamp. Switch it on and a final number will be revealed on the wall. Note it down along with the Roman numeral. Exit to the hallway.
  17. Click on the cupboard to the north east. The numbers you've collected should be entered in the order that the Roman numerals accompanied them. E.g. the number with I next to it goes in the top, II in the middle, and III in the bottom. Once unlocked, take the key.
  18. Use the key on the front door of the house (marked on the map by a red line) and exit the building.
Front Garden

  1. Shoot the two enemies out here and enter the house nextdoor.

Second House

  1. Go upstairs and enter the door straight ahead.
  2. Pick up the white sheet hanging from the bed and click the window to discover it has a hexagonal safety catch. Exit the room and go back downstairs.
  3. Visit the cupboard under the stairs and take the sheet hanging from above. Click the toolbox at the far end to find a hexagonal allen key.
  4. Go back to the bedroom upstairs and use the allen key on the window to open it. Combine the two sheets in your inventory to form a long rope and use it on the radiator. You can now climb out the window.


  1. Click the gate on the left to enter the driveway of the building ahead.

Flat Driveway

  1. Shoot the two enemies here and then explore the tunnel on the left of the building.
  2. Defeat the enemy and enter the door to the left. Get closer to the washing machines to your left and open the door of the middle one. Take the stomach.
  3. Inspecting the stomach will show you that there is something inside it. Click it to open it up, and you'll find the electronic key fob. Return to the main driveway.
  4. Use the key fob on the door and enter the building.


  1. Go upstairs and through the door. Use the key fob on the door labelled "2" and go inside.
  2. Walk through the first door on the right and pick up the lever on the floor to the left. Inspect the urinal in the middle to look at the poster. Note that the number "300" is written in blue.
  3. Get a closer look at the slot machine and take the money from the dispenser. Exit the building and go back outside.
  4. Head in to the tunnel again and use the money on the vending machine. Press the lit button and take the attachment from the dispenser. Make your way back up to Flat 2.
  5. Enter the room on the far right. Click the middle of the ornament to take a look at the balancing scales. Taking a look at the weights on the right will show you they weigh 1.2KG.
  6. Look at the top of the ornament to see markings from 0 to 360, and a post in the middle. Exit back to the hallway.
  7. Enter the room on the far left. Shoot the enemy in here and open the boot of the bus. Take the boltcutters and screwdriver.
  8. You'll find a bag of flour in the top left cupboard. Click the items on the kitchen surface to get closer and see a set of digital scales and a bowl.
  9. Place the bag of flour on the scales and press the - button until the bag weighs 1.2KG. Take the bag of flour off the scales.
  10. Look at the license plate of the bus and note that the number 90 is in green. Exit back to the hallway.
  11. Use the boltcutters on the chain of the door on the left. Enter the room and once inside shoot the enemy.
  12. Take a closer look at the bus stop sign and note that the number 120 is highlighted in red. Also note that 240 is written in yellow on the license plate of the bus here. Move over to the small desk and take the plug out of the socket.
  13. Use the screwdriver on the screw in the middle of the plug and take the fuse from inside. Now enter the bus.
  14. Take the clock hand from the floor and go to the top deck by clicking on the staircase area to the left. Once upstairs, click the broken window at the back to climb through.
  15. Read the plaque on the bottom-centre of the wall for a clue. Drag the statues to the centre of the screen by holding your click over them and then dragging to the side. Once they meet, the clock hand will fall from the wall. Pick it up.
  16. Head back down to the hallway and in to the first room on the right. Click on the plug in the far right to get closer to it.
  17. Use the fuse on the plug then click the casing to cover it back up. Click the plug once more to turn it around then click the screw to put it in position.
  18. Use the screwdriver to secure the plug together, then click the plug one last time to insert it in the socket. Go back to the slot machine.
  19. Combine the lever and the attachment in your inventory to assemble the arm for the slot machine. Once created, place it in to the hole in the side of the machine.
  20. Use the coin on the slot machine and then click the handle to spin the wheels. Another click hand will fall in to the dispenser. Take it and go back to the hallway.
  21. Return to the room with the ornament and get closer to the scales. Take the clock hand and replace it with the bag of flour.
  22. Take a look at the top of the ornament and use all of the clock hands on the surface. You can now click, hold and drag the hands around the face. Spin them in to the positions relative to the colours and numbers you have collected around this building.
  23. Go down the hole, open the panel on the left wall and flick the switch to turn on the power for the elevator. Climb back up the ladder and make your way to the elevator. It's marked as a red line on the map.
  24. Press the button next to the elevator and click the wall or floor of it to enter. Press the button inside to start going down.
  25. Once your journey is complete, you will see an enemy approaching you. Try to shoot it and you will find that you've run out of ammo.
  26. When it comes adjascent to the statues, use the boltcutters on the rusted chain underneath the statue on the right. There's a feint line along the floor which shows where the adjascent point is, so wait until the enemy walks on to that line.
  27. The enemy will fall over and drop its weapon. Pick it up. You now have two ways of defeating it.
  28. You can either use the weapon on it straight away as it lies on the floor, or wait until it climbs to its feet and begins approaching you again.
  29. Click the door straight ahead to finish the game.


  1. Brilliant game realy enjoyed it

  2. OMG CREAPY AS SHIT!!! i jumped clear across my room when that thing came out of the

  3. I was enjoying it. Bathroom was too dark to read the numbers no matter how much I tilted my screen. Brightness was up to max. Pin in drawer lock was deal breaker. Infuriating. Wish I could have continued. Maybe next time.

  4. That was one of the best BRAIN GAMES that I never played but why was a baby crying??????

  5. what?????? was there instructions??????? shit I made all the game alone and it was very large

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  7. One really creepy game, excellent game play and awesome scary characters too. So glad you are putting the engine up for sale too, wold like to try that out. two questions 1. Have you fixed the hit 'Tab' bug and 2. Do you accept Paypal?

  8. Man the game was great but was too dark and I couldn't finished it because of a big headache lol but it was gool, make it less dark next time.

  9. Great game. Have to say the atmosphere was well done, but was expecting more to do with that clown you saw in the hallway. I knew something was going to pop up there.

  10. Brilliant
    Really enjoyed it.
    Scared me shitless when i saw the creepy clown thing though.


  12. fucking scary! I was happy to be able to buy a coca cola to relax ! and what the hell, a stomach????

  13. where abouts is the hole i cant seem to find it? PLEASE HELP ME.

  14. Awsome game! It scared the piss out of me with the clown.Awsome baby crying sound effects.The game over all was AWSOME!

  15. 7.5/10

    Great Time waster Keep it up Brad. [:

  16. awesome game but........ it scared the shi* out of me xD

  17. im stuck!!! can someone help me please? i used the large pin on the drawer and now?.. i dont know what to do!!

  18. sucks!
    1) I cannot find all the items
    2) The music won't start
    3) I do not get your walkthrough
    So these are like the reasons why I think this game suck.
    Anyways, your description is systematised very well. good job

  19. this game is awsome,it scared the fuckin shit out if me,the clown,but a stomach?,walkthrough was great too,good job p.s.(could u make a second inculation game)?

  20. Awesome! Please make a part II, with the story about the clown.

  21. Woaaaaaah. I played this game 3 times, and everytime the thing jumping out the closet, and the clown scared me. Lmao, very well done, the effects were excellent. I expected more of the ending but overall I give it a 9.5/10. The baby crying, and laughing gave me chills as well.

  22. Holy cheezits this game scared me soo bad the orange guys with scribbly red lines popping out every where and "what the hell was that my reflection?" man i thought he was one of them ahh i have the chills

  23. It was pretty complicated but I finished. Scary clown shit though.

  24. The explanation of everything at the end was very stupid, and the things from silent hill like the text on the wall that says "there was a hole here now is gone" it doesn´t have much sense with the game, from 1 to 10, i´ll give it a 7

  25. No se uqe hacer Descubro la clave en el cajón y de ahi mas k hago?

  26. oh shit it was very creepy and long but i finifhed at the results i take an f ohmy god i took 45 minutes with 2 kills and 3 tx i so dont want to play it again

  27. D!Z G@M3 B Z0 FUKI!N @WZOM3 YHUZT L!K D@
    !M Z0 KUKU N0W L0LZ...........
    Z0 D!Z G@M3 B Z0 @WZ0M3

  28. We could learn a lot from crayons. Some are sharp, some are pretty and some are dull, Some have weird names , and all are different colors, but they all have to live in the same box.............................................

  29. 海鷗要高飛,必先遠退。花蜜要香醇,必先久釀。......................................................

  30. okaii im stuck on the part of the clock color thingy.
    i spined them like a thousand times in the # they were.
    Im confused.
    Someone help me please?

  31. Amazing game!!! Really creepy, challenging but not impossible puzzles,and a really good plot, the ending makes everything make sense! One of the best scary online games I've played!

  32. "$"#$%$"#%&&/3
    extremly confused...but easy

  33. 你不能改變容貌~~但你可以展現笑容..................................................

  34. 處順境須謹慎,處逆境要忍耐。........................................

    and it was damn scary with that clown and i screamed when i saw that zombie coming from the closet xD and how funny how u find a key into the toilet o.o ...
    I have 3 questions ..
    someone please answer!
    1. how did that bus get into the house o.o ?
    2. when u first come to the baby room it looks fine but then when u come again to jump off the window the room is messed up and dirty,
    why that?!!!
    3. what's up with that baby crying?...

  36. 在莫非定律中有項笨蛋定律:「一個組織中的笨蛋,恆大於等於三分之二。」.................................................................

  37. 馬丁路德:「即使知道明天世界即將毀滅,我仍願在今天種下一棵小樹。」............................................................

  38. 第一次來這裡 愛上你的部落格 感謝你的分享............................................................

  39. 很以有啟發性的故事阿~感謝大大分享^^......................................................

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  41. 人生中最好的禮物就是屬於自己的一部份............................................................

  42. 不論做什麼事,相信自己,別讓別人的一句話,把你擊倒。..................................................

  43. what do you mean the northeast cupboard?

  44. 第一忠誠,第二勤奮,第三專心工作。..................................................

  45. 我們必須先有哭泣,才有歡笑;也必須先感到人生的悲哀,然後才感到人生的快樂。................................................................

  46. 在莫非定律中有項笨蛋定律:「一個組織中的笨蛋,恆大於等於三分之二。」............................................................

  47. 與人相處不妨多用眼睛說話,多用嘴巴思考,............................................................

  48. Nice Resident Evil Code: Veronica song for the music box.

  49. great game, really enjoyed it...if it wasn't for the walkthrough i wouldn't have made it till the end xD

  50. donde esta el agujerooooooooooooooo?? :(

  51. At the beginning, when I put the pin into de drawer's lock, all I can do is moving it straight ahead, I can't guide it with my cursor to avoid the sides (I press the cursor keys and nothing happens). Any idea?? Thanks.

  52. Ok, I sorted it out. You ment the mouse cursor. Lol.

  53. First time, made it in 44 min (took a while reading the walktrough), 1 death, 5 tx-15, ranked F. Second time, 14 min, 1 death, 2 tx-15, ranked B. Great game. Keep on creating and we'll keep on supporting. By the way, I'm Alejandro, just changed my blogger name.

  54. 8 minutes this time. 1 death. 2 injections. ranked B. Ok, I'll stop posting and re-take it when I'm ranked A. :-D

  55. where do you get the superglue??
    i can't find it!! HELP?!!

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  57. im stuck at the jewelry box part. help me.

  58. i want to download the sound of the music box

  59. where the hell is the hanger???

  60. i cant find the key of the wardrobe were should i found it?

  61. the wardrobe is lock how to unlock it?

  62. the drawer in the bedroom gets unlocked if we move the pin very quickly, but the wardrobe does not open.
    we hav to move the pin slownly and then only it opens !!
    i think that's a little problem in the game .
    Otherwise its a very good game !

    please make more games like these !!!!

  63. @ riley : the superglue is kept on the table on the right side in the TV room.

  64. An amazing game, very freaky! Thanks for that!

  65. I feel pretty dumb for having to use the walkthrough lol But anyways,,,,the game is very creepy, almost as creepy as the House 2

  66. yeahhh. it is enjoyable and creepy. haha. thanks dude for wasting my time for 1 hour. i got E for my rank. haha. nice game though! :DD

  67. I play horror flash games from and this was one of them =]]] If anyone is interested in checking it out, here's the link I gave full credit to the game creator and whatnot. I even got an A Rank. Woooo!! =]]] Please feel free to subscribe to me, comment on my videos, and like/ dislike my videos =]]] Take care!! =]]]

  68. The hanger is in the bedroom, the top right corner of the screen. The superglue is in the room next the the living room, with the lamp and tv.

  69. Awesome game ! I would love to see more from this developer even tho Inculcation was made a while ago. It never got it's due, as I had never heard of it until now. Keep up the good work!